:: The first Amavasya from 2021 ::

Sending peaceful vibes globally, much needed in everyone’s heart.Nurturing the heart with peace and harmony, despite the galactic havoc.May, the sacred fire of this New Moon ritual, in Maa Kali temple,  touch your heart deeply, providing what you need now..::: Aum Devi Maa :::


Diwali is celebrated for about five days, this year is between 12th till 16th Nov. On November 14th, we celebrate Laxmi Puja in the evening, and Kali puja late in the night, till after midnight (IST). During Diwali, we can find different meanings about these famous celebrations, starting from the simplest ones, till reaching the… Continue reading Diwali


Dhanteras or Dhanatrayodashi, takes place this year on 13th Nov. Dhan means wealth, while teras means the 13th day of the lunar calendar, according to the Hindu calculations.There is a long legend about this day, saying that Goddess Laxmi took birth while the churning of the ocean was happening, between Devas (demigods) and Asuras (demons),… Continue reading Dhanteras

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