Premm Shakti is a magical project that has taken birth in the heart of the City of Tantra, Varanasi.  We have created a sacred space in our ancestral Maa Kali Temple to facilitate spiritual evolution and universal expansion. 

We’ve currently had to interrupt the reconstruction of the yoga room and the holistic activity space due to the pandemic setbacks of 2020.  

The temple house is a heritage property, and we are willing to share with those sincere souls who receive the inner call to awaken and honor the Shakti inside out. Within the house palace, there is our Divine Mother Kali, presiding over it all. Everyone who enters Her palace feels mesmerized by Her glance and magnetic energy. 

The location of the property is beyond excellent, close to everything, near the ghats, where you can delight yourself with the mesmerizing sunrises over Ganges river, whether by boat or by walk,  as well, enjoying the calm mystical nights staring Ganges river, under the stars. We are also close to the globally famous ceremony of Ganga Aarti by just 3 minute walking distance; a unique spot where to feel the mystic sensations of the ancient environment. 

We have worked hard in the reconstruction of our Maa Kali Temple, to beautify Her abode.  We have several large improvements.  However, there is much to do in the reconstruction of this sacred space, specifically the yoga hall walls, windows, floor, roof stairs and the therapies space, amongst other minor adjustments.  

Varanasi, at first sight, may seem slightly chaotic and confusing for the western mindset.  Spiritual seekers need somewhere to recharge and relax into divine energy. Needless to say, once you enter the temple house, you feel as if you have entered an oasis due to the mystical and energetic atmosphere that awaits you inside.  

Our temple house goes well beyond what is usually available for spiritual practitioners and holistic therapies. We are open to teachers to bring groups of students where they can host workshops, seminars, retreats and various disciplinary offerings 

Our place brings you a colorful palette of spiritual possibilities, where to explore your inner desires in the mystical field. 

We fully trust in our Goddess Kali, to bring back brightness and splendor to Her palace and, for that, your contribution will be essential. 

Please consider becoming a sponsor of this marvelous project and join the global community we are creating with the mission to expand the Shakti energy far and wide. 

Feel free to ask for any further information on our contact us page. 


Here is a sample of pictures of the evolution of the Temple house repairs over time.

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