Eigth day of Navaratri: Mahagauri Devi

Mahagauri Devi

~•Eight day of Navaratri: Mahagouri, the great white Goddess. It is Said that Mahagouri Devi is of extremely fair complexion, and radiant like the full moon.  Parvati was doing penance to win Lord Shiva, her body became black and dirty. When Shiva accepted her he washed her with Ganga water,  which made her shine resplendently.

This represents her power to free us from all pain and suffering and to bless us with auspiciousness and virtues, as those who bathe in the waters of the Holy river Ganga are said to be blessed and purified. BY worshipping Mahagouri, we lead to the path of virtue and goodness.

Her color is the white. Mahagouri Devi mantra is: Om Devi Mahagauriyai namah.

Have a blissful Navaratri!

::: Aum Devi Maa :::

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