First day of Navaratri: Shailaputri Devi

Shailaputri Devi

Jay Maa Shailaputri !! First day of Navaratri…She is an incarnation of the Goddess Parvati, Shiva´s consort. She rides a bull, and is commonly worshipped as MahaKali. Durga Shakti doesn’t cradle you or coddle you. Instead, she lends you strength to do what you have to do…Durga is specially available when you are struggling to right a wrong. It is recommendable to wear some clothing of red color.

We recite some slokas ( if possible), and we offer mantra Japa, one round of 108 times, every day a different mantra as per the Goddess to be worshipped. Today,s mantra is : Aum Devi Shailaputriyoi Namah.

The practice of Meditation is also recommended before ending the Puja.
We will post, one day in advance, the daily Goddess, her mantra, and the picture to worship.
Have a blissful Navaratri!
::: Aum Devi Maa :::

Feel free to write to us, and follow our posts, kindly recommend them. We offer puja on your behalf, directly from our Maa Kali temple in Varanasi. More info in the Heritage Temple page.

Sraddha Puja 01
Sraddha Puja 02
Sraddha Puja 03

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