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As part of the charm of the Holy atmosphere of Varanasi, we feel honored to sahre with you our Maa Kali Mandir(temple), a unique realm of peace and history that will transport your soul back to ancient times. Maa Kali Mandir has been restored, exhibiting Kali Maa's otherworldly youthful beauty. She is full of compasion and blessing for her devotees.


She has been attended to by pujaris (priests) since the beginning, but in due course of time she was worshiped with different standards, sometimes with full glamour and at other times as an ascetic. We pray that, during this period, we may be capable to offer our best and make Her sacred space gorgeous and glorious!

Everyday, in the morning and evening, Maa Kali is worshipped by Mauuguru, head pujari, with love and devotion through mantras, flowers, prayers, scents, etc. According to the season a different type of puja is offered. Every year we hold two main pujas; one during the month of June called Ambubachi Puja, that is in honor of Kamakhya Devi and Her three sacred days, and another during the month of October-November for Dipawali (often called Kali Puja). The two pujas are celebrated with opulent ceremonies and sumptuous prashad (food offered to the Goddess) for a minimum of 800 attendees.

We have highly qualified priests called Pandits, who are well versed in the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit and sadhana (spiritual practice) that can offer almost all kinds of sacred ceremonies at our Temple. Please note that we only offer sattvik pujas (we do not engage into black tantra ceremonies).

Our Pandits Are Available Upon Request for Such Services as Listed Below:

Astrology : The Vedic Chart is created according to date, time and place of birth. It can give you a glimpse of your life path, along with suggestions and corrections to improve your present.

Weddings: Our priests can offer Vedic marriage ceremonies in the temple in front of Maa Kali and the sacred fire, in the holy atmosphere of Varanasi, near Ganga Devi, making the sacred union memorable and powerfully unifying. Puja offered to the forefathers: A ceremony in the form of rituals and mantras for peace is highly recommended to honor and appease departed souls.

Dasa Mahavidya Puja : This puja is one of the most powerful ceremonies to worship the divine feminine energy within all of us. We accomplish this powerful ceremony to create connection with the Ten Great Wisdom Goddesses, who are related mainly to the goddess Kali ( Shiva´s consort) and Her nine manifestations. This represents the Divine consciousness in feminine form, functioning on all levels. Each of the ten Goddesses represents a particular approach to self-realization. Their names are: KALI (Her name Kali is the feminine form of Kala, time. She is the yogic power of transformation, whenever She manifests in your life, She will cut up whatever is indulgent), TARA ( She is the power of sound. The term Tara means the “deliverer” or “savior” from any difficult situation), TRIPURA SUNDARI ( the beauty of the three worlds, She is the deity of the Shree Chakra, the great yantra or sacred geometry which underlies the entire Universe), BHUVANESWARI ( who reigns the Universe. She represents space, the Mother where all creatures come into being ), BHAIRAVI ( the Goddess of speech. She represents Divine anger and wrath), CHHINNAMASTA ( She represents the consciousness beyond the mind. She brings transcendence of the mind and represents the non-mind state), DHUMAVATI ( She represents what we want to reject, what we want to let go. Her name is also the “smokey one”) , BAGALAMUKHI (Her hypnotic power paralyses others speech by words, not by force ), MATANGI ( She relates to Goddess Saraswati, who governs the ideas that we are putting into words and encompasses all levels of speech) , KAMALATMIKA ( She is Laxmi amongst the Ten Wisdom Goddesses representing wealth, beauty and fertility).

Rituals and Ceremonies

Laxmi Puja : We worship Laxmi Devi to attain prosperity. She represents beauty, happiness, refinement, elegance, generosity and fertility. She is connected with universal harmony and love. She blesses us with material wealth, good luck, good health and also with inner abundance.

Rudra Abhishek : is a ceremony offered to Shiva by Tantra sadhaks ( those who practice Tantra ) for peace and yogic empowerment, as an offering of love and devotion towards Shiva, the goal of Yogis. Lord Shiva is an embodiment of wisdom. By performing this powerful puja with sincerity, you will lead a prosperous life, peace of mind and happiness. Materials for abhishek are: pure water, milk, sugar cane, juice, ghee, honey, waters of the sacred rivers, different flowers and bael leaves, and a continuous recitation of sanskrit mantras especialy for Rudra Abhishek.

Shanti Puja : This ritual is done to attain a calm mind and peaceful inner balance. Also, it is highly recommended to those that have negative planetary influences in their Vedic Chart, ( astrology chart ), diminishing it harmful and negative effect over them.

Kali Puja: is a ceremony offered to please the Goddess Kali for Tantric practice, or those who desire to do Kali Sadhana.

Donation basis

Namaste everyone! We are happy to announce about the Puja service we offer from our Maa Kali heritage Temple, the following chart is an estimate for the Kali Puja, and as a reference for any other puja you may request. Feel free to contact us.

All services are donation basis:


1- Daily Puja on your name ( morning and evening)………………………………….21euro/25$

2- Basic special Puja…………………………………………..47euro/55$

3- Special Puja and Homa (fire ceremony)……………….81euro/96$

4- Rudra Abhishek plus Maa Kali Puja…………………..108euro/128$


Please note that price increase according to offerings. The Basic special Puja includes another priest ( Pandit) opulent flower garlands, sweets, fruits, etc.

And the Rudra Abhishek includes 3 different priests ( pandits) for a complete Puja.

Almost all of these Puja ceremonies include the offering of the sacred fire, along with the five elements (air, water, fire, earth and ether) and Vedic mantras.

Everyday we do morning and evening puja, along with meditation, mantra japa and satsang, according to the participants. Feel free to contact us for any query, as we will be happy to assist you in the ritual/ puja that will help to elevate your life and bring you good fortune in the area required.

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Thanks a lot for make a difference!

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