Maa Annapoorna blessings on Poornima

Maa Annapoorna

The luminous  Poornima (Full Moon), is enlightening our lives, on this auspicious day, October 1st, that is connected with the Aries energy. Today we feel blessed to share with you all, the gorgeous beauty of Maa Annapoorna, to bestows Her unlimited mercy upon us.

We are passing by an equinox who allows us to flow our energies and balancing our lives. Don’t let the lack of compassion blind your life purpose,  don’t allow any negativity to reach your shore, nor deny your inner potential. There is much deceit, uncertainty, betrayal energies intertwining, and interacting within us. Just allow yourself to free from boundaries, and let the internal sun shine within you,  expanding the rays of hope we all need to keep going on. Be blessed.

::::::: Aum Devi Maa :::::

Sraddha Puja 01
Sraddha Puja 02
Sraddha Puja 03

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