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This year, Navaratri takes place on October 16th. The Navaratri puja, also known as the Nine sacred nights of the Goddess, reinforces our will power to fight against the evil energies. There are several texts that should be reading during these days, one of them is the Durga Saptaha, Durga Chalisa, and others more complex.It is important to follow some basic steps in order to perform the Puja in concordance, as a good state of consciousness and purity of heart.

We can start whether in the morning or evening but always must follow the same routine.

First of all, we take a shower, change and wear clean clothing,leaving everything behind, steady focusing on the Goddess power only.

With faith and devotion, we place a gorgeous altar for the next 9 days, where we can worship without distractions. Some articles are required to welcome and honor the Goddess, we offer water, fresh flowers or a plant, some fruits (dry ok), candles, incense, and an oil lamp ( sesame oil). All these articles should be bought and used specifically for puja purpose only.

Later, we recite some slokas ( if possible), and we offer mantra japa, one round of 108 times, everyday a different mantra as per the Goddess to be worshipped. The practice of  Meditation is also recomended before ending the Puja.

We will post, one day in advance, the daily Goddess, her mantra and the picture to worship.

Have a blissful Navaratri!

::: Aum Devi Maa :::

Feel free to write us, and follow our posts, kindly recommend them. We offer puja on your behalf, directly from our Maa Kali temple in Varanasi. More info on the Heritage Temple page.

Sraddha Puja 01
Sraddha Puja 02
Sraddha Puja 03

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