Ninth day of Navaratri: Siddhidatri Devi

Siddhidatri Devi

The ninth day of Navaratri: Siddhidatri Devi, the giver of all siddhis, special powers… Through worship and Meditation upon all the forms of Durga, culminating with that of Siddhidatri, we can attain perfection and infinite blessings from her. It is said that even Lord Shiva got his powers through Siddhidatri Devi. Shiva Mahadev got his Divine form of Ardhanarishwara when he got all his siddhis, this is the famous image known as ShivaShakti. Siddhidatri Devi is his left side..•~

Her mantra is

Om Devi Siddhidatryai Namah

Have a blissful Navaratri!

::: Aum Devi Maa :::

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