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Introducing our special Selfcare kit, which includes all that a real queen can dream about! Start your day in harmony and beauty with these unique genuine tools.

This is the perfect self-care kit for you, or to gift a dear one. Grab yours at this incredible price!

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Green aventurine and Rose quartz are two crystal stones that correspond to the heart chakra, is connected with wellbeing and subtle emotions. The regular rolling made of green aventurine or rose quartz will help you to relax face muscle, lift, and firm skin by improving blood circulation. Size (approx.) : 138mm, 19mm, 14mm.


MASSAGE WAND. This beautiful massager is handmade in natural stone. Is the perfect gift for self-love or self-pleasure, reflexology, shakti wand, face massage. It is available in rose quartz and green aventurine, hence it is connected with the heart chakra ( Anahata) to open and expands the emotions all over the body, making its experience sublime. Sizes approx. are: 180mm/19mm.


YONI EGGS. The yoni eggs are useful for heart chakra alignment and spiritual awakening. It helps you much to strengthen the pelvic floor, along with the Kegel exercises. The use of yoni eggs will improve your feminine health, sexuality, and muscles, is absolutely safe. Can be used with or without string.

They are available in rose quartz and green aventurine, well known for it´s healing properties and high vibrations.

Size approx.: 35mm x 30mm.


GUA SHA. Scrapping in English, is an ancient tool to delight yourself in the world of facial rituals, improving your blood circulation and smooth wrinkles. How does it work?  Prepare your skin before and do outward, upward strokes with the Gua Sha to have a luxurious,  and meditative experience for facial rejuvenation effects. Size approx: 80mm by 60mm.


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