What are they?

Ancestral practices that invoke specific energy to eradicate some blockage, to attract spiritual, material abundance, with a defined purpose. The 5 elements, the 5 senses, intervene, while recitations are made (often from memory) to give life to the ritual. In the case of Vedic Rituals, prayers are usually recited in Sanskrit, the language of the Gods. Mantras, ancient texts, varieties of prayers shall be recited according to the Deity which is invoked.

Preparations to start the ritual:

The space has to be previously prepared, it has to be cleansed in advance. Afterward, we take a shower, wear clean clothes, and recite purification mantras. With all the elements purchased and distributed in the space, we begin the ritual (once we begin, we won’t be able to interrupt it). Then, we start with mantras, mudras, to invoke the energy of opening with the articles (water, flowers, incense, powders, ghee lamps, etc). It is a long step until the beginning of Homa, the sacred fire, takes place. Other items will be offered, woods, a compound of 9 herbs, camphor, ghee, cow dung, etc … as well as flowers, leaves, a variety of fruits, sweets, clothes, etc. The sacred fire is started, and this can last for more than 1 hour …

In addition:

· Vedic Rituals are performed by one or more Pandits (qualified brahmins). . They can be done face to face or remotely. . They can be done on behalf of another person, who must be informed of it, in order to allow a good flow of energy. . It should not be done in case of menstruation or the first trimester of pregnancy. We have to look at the most convenient moment. . The most astrologically favorable date and time are always sought. . A reasonable energy exchange (donation) is accepted in advance of the purchase of the material, organization of the ritual, and meeting with the Pandit. . When done remotely, it is advisable, as far as possible, to be energetically connected to the ritual to receive its blessings.

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