Seventh day of Navaratri: Kali Maa

Kali Maa

Seventh-day of Navaratri: KALI RATRI, She is a form of Kali. By worshiping her, and meditating on her, we connect with the Sahasrara chakra, and the barriers between mind, body, and spirit begin to dissolve. She blesses us with happiness and courage, helping to remove sadness, pain, and fear.

Kali embodies the dynamic power within time to transform things, waving us with Her constant cosmic dance. She is the primary Goddess of Yoga, retraining our energy within. Kali represents the blood that nurtures the Universe and also our primal desire. Essentially Maa Kali will wake us up, enlightening our spiritual path, unblocking any distraction from the real goal.

Her mantra is: Om Shri Mahakalikey Namah.

Have a blissful Navaratri!

::: Aum Devi Maa :::

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