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We are happy to offer you the unique and magical Varanasi experience

Whether it is your first trip to India or not, there is always something new to discover.

Varanasi is one of the world’s most ancient cities and one of the most important in India due to it spiritual and cultural legacy. It is world renowned for its ancient heritage and cultural richness in the arts including: traditional music, art, literature and dance as well philosophy, Sanskrit and Buddhism just to name a few. It´s structure has changed dramatically over the years and centuries. However, Varanasi still retains its historical and ancient facade which is impossible to wash away.

The city offers amazing bazaars & markets which meander through the lanes of the old city, ancient temples, tiny alleys like labyrinths, a sunrise you can’t beat and a magical river front lined with impressive palaces and temples along the Ganges River side (called the ghats).

If you are searching for a unique spiritual experience in a magical place then Varanasi will deliver just that on a multitude of levels and will surely leave a lasting impression on you that won’t be forgotten.

We can help you arrange the perfect tour of Varanasi customized to your travel dates, budget, interest and more to make your time here a real adventure. We can do individual or group tours that are tailored for the experience you are seeking in Varanasi as well as throughout North India.

Feel free to ask for recommendations for accommodations, transportation and itinerary advice. We are happy to assist you.

Tourists from all over the world visits Varanasi for different purposes:  pilgrimage, yoga, meditation, vedic studies, world renowned shopping or just curiosity about the oldest city in existence!  Our P.Guest House is a unique home-stay, where you have the freedom of being at your own ease, in total peace and harmony.  We make sure that the energy vibration in our home is kept positive and uplifting, an ideal setting for spiritual travelers.

We provide comfortable accommodations, with very clean rooms with attached or common bath  (to be shared with one room only). If you plan to stay longer,  we offer a fully equipped communal kitchen where you can cook your own meals, 100% veg.

With the Ganga Ghats just 5 meters away, our location is excellent for visiting the most important points of this ancient city.  Also, it is just a few minutes walking distance to the emblematic Dasaswamedh Ghat, the place where the famous Arati ceremony is held every evening. For inquiries about availability please contact us by filling out the below form.  We look forward to welcoming you.

Varanasi fields

Very serious, nice and knowledgeable people about the country and its people. I felt very comfortable and safe with you traveling through India with you and following your advice.

Jaume Pich


It was a before and after, the trip to India with this wonderful couple taught me to seek new paths.❤



The best trip of my life was to India, I expand my knowledge as a human being. I feel my gratitude every day that I see the infinity of memories that I brought, I see them everywhere in my house, they fill me with light. Thanks Nandini.



Traveling to India and being accompanied by its people is undoubtedly the best option. With them we feel fully embraced and immersed in their culture, in their customs.
If you travel to the country for the first time, if you do it to a region of the immense, wonderful and endless India, do it hand in hand with these two beautiful people! You will not regret!

Thais Herrera


Taking a unique trip in your life can be very rewarding if you are well accompanied. Without a doubt our best option was to go hand in hand with premm and the "Boss". Araudakes spirituality the 18 days that the adventure lasted. Emblematic places, unique ceremonies and wonderful pujas that for a tourist on foot, it is difficult to find.
Without a doubt I would repeat with the two people who in the end ended up being friends.

Namaste !!!!



Hi !
I made a trip to India with a large group of friends in which Premm and Raj (together with OM Apolonia), organized for us the places to go, the routes, the tickets, the accommodation ...
We were also in his store and we were able to buy some interesting pieces, incense, oils, clothes and various souvenirs, all of great quality.
They are wonderful people, friendly and hospitable. We all feel very good and we end up being like a big family.
Spectacular trip, great atmosphere, very well organized ...
I have very good memories of the trip, of my friends and of them 2.
Thanks for making it so easy for us.
I recommend it 100%

Xavi Martinez