Sraddha Puja, Ceremony offered to forefathers

Sraddha Puja - Ceremony

The Priti-Paksha ceremony started on Sept 1st and ends Sept 17th, on Amavasya ( new moon).The Sraddha ceremony is performed to benefit a friend or a family member. It is very important to satisfy the desires of the departed soul, that may be trapped in a gap of confusion and negativity due unfulfilled desires. This ritual will help the departed soul to find it’s way to a higher plane of existence.The puja is performed by my family, for many generations, on the banks of Ganga, in Varanasi. You can perform this puja by distance too.Kindly contact me for any information and schedule a Sraddha puja during this auspicious time of the year.

Sraddha Puja 01
Sraddha Puja 02
Sraddha Puja 03

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