The eight night of Kartik month

Night of Kartik

How do I write my posts?I was thinking about this just now.., some prepare in advance, others have  many writings to copy and paste, and as for me, it depends on my mood, like now, I m doing spontaneously…Today´s at midnight, marks in the calendar one of the most auspicious days for worshipping Shree Radharani, the queen of all Devis. Is the appearance day on Earth, of Her Kund, a pit, lake-filled by nectarean waters coming from different heavenly is celebrated frenetically by devotees assembled around it, or by distance, in meditation. I just found this pic I took a few days ago while visiting one of my beloved temples for Darshan ( divine audience) where I recharge my soul…and suddenly what pops up in my heart was, by observing this pic, the feeling of being sheltered, protected by a Divine force that is there,  whether we sometimes accept or not, is there always watching us.This “watching”  doesn’t relate with anything judgemental or negative, but much more as the Mother looking after her child while he/she comfortably sleeps in the cradle.To be sheltered under the Divine guidance is the precious gift ever, is the feeling that everything is under Divine control, even the smallest things, and that everything is fine. The worst the bad the good and the best, are part of the Divine plan on Earth. And what about us? What is our duty/task on Earth as conscious beings ( in progress, at least)?Just keep dancing His melody, keep listening to the sounds that penetrate our Heart, and guide our steps on Earth. ..The transcendental dance of life ♡..Stay tuned to know more about the secrets of this unique month. We will be revealing a day in advance for you not to miss details.

::: Aum Devi Maa :::

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