The Full Moon of the Universal love.


The next full moon is one of the dearest of the year, hence is called Sharad Poornima, which takes place in the most special and sacred month, called Kartik, which occurs during October-November.
And the presiding deity is Vrindavaneshwari Shree Radha, all the glorifications, penances and vows belong to Her.
The pastime of this month begins with the Raas Leela, a delightful and transcendental dance bestowed as a very special blessing, from the Supreme power, Shree Krsna to His dearest damsels or cowgirls, the Gopis. The Gopis are the eternal associates of Shree Krsna, are perfect sadhus that reincarnated as cowgirls during the Krsna Leela ( eternal pastime).
They surrendered their heart and activities to Him, doing all kinds of penances and rituals, to attain a moment of intimacy with Him. As Krsna was already in their hearts, knowing their deepest hidden desires, He offered them the gift of having a sacred dance under the light of the full moon, in the middle of the forest, surrounded by all types of heavenly flowers, intoxicating aroma, and self-effulgent trees. The condition was, once they listen to the sound of His flute, they should run to Him, no matter what, leaving everything behind.
Here we can appreciate how we all are connected with the Universal force within. Once in the lifetime, when we hear that inner call to wake up and go beyond our mere existence as simple humans, leaving any attachments behind, running after a higher purpose in life, that uplift our expectations and gives sense to the existence by itself.
And so, the Gopis heard that charming sound of Krsna´s flute, leaving their families, homework, pride, chastity, etc behind. And them, The Raas Leela started…
During the Rasa Dance, they relish the utmost exchange of Divine Love. Their pastimes lasted for the whole night, overloaded with unlimited foreplay and Divine bliss.

Throughout the auspicious 28 days of this month, that starts on 31st October till 30th November, we will dive trough different leelas, or sacred pastimes. We will highlight some of them and meditate upon how the transcendental Kartik month illuminates our hearts to obtain the utmost Prem ( Divine love).
Stay tuned to know more about the secrets of this unique month. We will be revealing a day in advance for you not to miss details.

::: Aum Devi Maa :::

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    A bailar con Krishna 😍🥰😍🥰🥰
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