Healing modalities, an invitation to recall your inner wisdom.

At Premm Shakti spiritual center, we are passionate about holistic therapies and reiki treatments due to the healing benefits they provide to all. As individuals living in this modern world it is essential that we align our body, mind and emotions to help us maintain balance on a daily basis. Healing therapies offer us a holistic approach to releasing stress, anxiety, overthinking and negativity. By immersing our being into a journey of wellness, we will succeed in improving our everyday life.

The following treatments will be available at Premm Shakti Spiritual Center for guest to experience!

Tarot reading

Tarot card reading is an ancient tool that helps to connect with the spiritual world, a tool that helps us to find answers from past, relief in the present and suggestions or glimpses about the future. Working on the emotional level, this unique psychic service will help us to align our mind and soul. A single session can give clear guidance in how to proceed in life in terms of health, family, love relationships, career, travel and so on. Contact us to schedule an appointment for a live or remote reading





The origin of Reiki finds it roots in ancient Japan, Tibet and India. Traditionally, its healing symbols were hidden from everybody that did not practice the art of healing. Eventually, the practice of Reiki and its benefits became known to the public at large. There are a total of 5 sacred symbols officially recognized in USUI Reiki method. They belong to the Universe, working as a transcendental link between the healer (Reiki practitioner) and the client. The Reiki symbols can be activated in different ways as a path of healing; however what matters most is the recipient’s genuine intention of healing or wellness. Reiki treatment can be done in person or by distance. Contact us for a consultation.





Vedic rituals and Puja

Namaste everyone! We are happy to announce about the Puja service we offer from our Maa Kali heritage Temple, the following chart is an estimate for the Kali Puja, and as a reference for any other puja you may request. Feel free to contact us.

All services are donation basis:

Please note that price increase according to offerings. The Basic special Puja includes another priest ( Pandit) opulent flower garlands, sweets, fruits, etc. The Homa requires 2 hrs extra, different arrengements, woods, and special herbs too.

And the Rudra Abhishek includes 3 different priests ( pandits) for a complete Puja.

Daily Puja on your name ( morning and evening)

Basic special Puja

Special Puja and Homa (fire ceremony)

Rudra Abhishek plus Maa Kali Puja

Mantra Japa

It is scientifically proven that the practice of Mantra Japa as a Therapy affects our life positively. It helps to improve our immune system, calm our mind and motivate us, while improving concentration and creativity. It also works to strengthen and stimulate the functioning of the nerves which relieves us from our fears, anxiety and stress. Mantra sessions will be given during private and/ or group sessions according to the personal preferences and requirements of the client. Contact us for appointment.


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Akashic records

Do you want to have a record of your personal journey and the journey of your soul? Akashic records identifies every aspect possible that affects our destiny while revealing answers to help us to heal our present state of being. In the soul journey record, there are no questions to be asked, just answers to be heard. Through the lecture of the Akashic Records, you may find the reason to be, the gifts you have that you don’t know about yet, the path of life that’s ideal for you and how to develop better connections in the relationship field, . The reading can be done as a private session or by remotely.

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Sacred dance

We offer sacred Dance circles to awaken our Divine Feminine being within us. Movement of the body in conjunction with tapping into our inner spirit as a means of meditation will facilitate transcendence as you harmonize with the five elements. Contact us for more info and schedule details.


Healing crystals and sound

Work through vibration, aligning and balancing our physical, mental and spiritual body. The Healing Crystals are placed in specific areas of the body where there is a blockage of negative emotions or feelings, such as fear or anxiety. The crystals absorb the negative energy that sticks to our energy field and cleanse the affected areas by transforming the negativity into positive vibes. The practice of this ancient Healing Therapy is even more effective when combined with the Sacred Sounds of Tibetan Bowls and mantras, as well aromatherapy with special natural scents to awaken our senses and let go of whatever no longer serves us. Contact us for private consultation.



Restorative massage

Ayurvedic massage with therapeutic oils is recommended to release stress and anxiety as well as the buildup of toxins that has accumulated in the body and mnind. You will feel relaxed and rejuvenated after every session. Contact us for details and appointments.


Shakti embodiment

Coming soon…

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